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Rocky Fork Winter Jaunt – 1-15-2011

Forced out of the Rat`s Hole by a severe case of cabin fever, it was decided we would take a hike to somewhere, anywhere, to get out in the woods. I chose to go on a short hike to Rocky Fork and wander up what we call the ‘high road‘ to get a different perspective on the Stonehenge Cliffs on Whitehouse Mountain. Due to being what he called ‘paralyzed’, my friend Bol’Dar was unable to go but, our friend ‘Fireball’ Mel (who was also feeling a bit ‘paralyzed’ but for different reasons) was able to attend. After the usual late start of around 10:30 a.m., we arrived at the trailhead around 11 ish. There was still plenty of snow and ice to be found and it was a bit cold in the shade but the sun was already starting to shine above the cliff tops as we trudged our way up the old road. The Rocky Fork Creek was raging as always and the cascades were totally frozen with ample supplies of their own ice and snow. It was actually very pretty and the new insulated waterproof boots I was trying out did a great job keeping my feet warm and dry despite their being a half size too big !

Whitehouse Mountain and Stonehenge Cliffs

View of Whitehouse Mountain and Stonehenge Cliffs from the 'high road'


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