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Work Trip on the AT – March 17, 2015

Every year in early Spring I do a walk-through of my Appalachian Trail section to assess any downed trees that will require a saw crew to remove and do whatever maintenance and clean up of the Winter damage that I can while I am there in order to get the trail ready for the onslaught of thru-hikers that will soon be heading North from Georgia in hopes of making it all the way to Maine. I am lucky to have my good friend, former thru-hiker, and fellow maintainer, Doug Corkhill to pick me up at Spivey Gap and provide a ride for me to the summit of Big Bald where we have access to a key to the gate that allows me to hike from there back down to Spivey one way eliminating a five mile uphill climb only to have to turn around and go back down for a long hard ten mile day. I do have to hike an extra 2+ miles along Doug`s section to get to the summit of Little Bald where my section ends making my total close to 8 miles but, it is mostly downhill all day which makes a huge difference plus, we get the pleasure of each others company as we hike all of Doug`s section and have our lunch together on the top of Little Bald before going our separate ways in opposite directions. This trip would be no exception however, we were in constant 20 to 30 mph winds all day with threatening skies and chilly temps. Otherwise it was a nice day to be in the high country. After accessing the pink blazed locked gate, we started our hike at the base of Big Bald as we hiked up and over Big Stamp going North towards the shelter and Little Bald.


View from Big Stamp (near Big Bald)


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Painter Creek Falls – 3-15-2015

Next on ‘the list’ was Painter Creek FallsĀ  (200+ feet) as these also require permission to gain access across private property so they are not visited often. it also requires a tough hike off trail through some rough territory. On my last trip here it was cold and the falls were frozen so I did not get any good pics so I have been hoping to get back here since 2011. Another reason this trip was planned is because several friends have not ever been there and my friends Bol’Dar ,Dave Aldridge, and Lou, who were with me on my last trip did not get to see the South Branch Painter Creek Falls so I went through the proper channels to get permission and this trip came to fruition. Unfortunately Dave was unable to go on this day however, the following did attend this epic journey: Bol’Dar, John Forbes, Larry Jarret, Jeff Dean, Derrick Hamrick, and myself. After meeting at Hairnt-Quarters around 9am, we made it to the gated private property and were hiking before 10am.


Upper part of Painter Creek Falls


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