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Devil Fork Falls aka The Waterfall Tour – 4-3-2011

You may remember our last trip to the Devil Fork area in Clarks Creek back in Nov. 2009 when we encountered much opposition on our way in from the top due to the extensive pine bark beetle damage and the lack of foot travel there in the 20 or so years it had been since we were there. Since that time we have been researching alternative routes to get into the Devil Fork Valley, hoping to find an easier, more direct route although, we knew due to the extremely steep and treacherous terrain, it would not be an easy affair. After a few re-con trips by Bol’Dar and much map studying by the two of us, we finally decided on what we thought would be the best and safest route. This was to be determined on 4-3-2011 when we set out to test our hypothesis.

Lilybeth Falls

Lilybeth Falls


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