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A Sunrise, The Darkside, and a Waterfall – 10-19-2016

With the Fall colors now showing I planned an adventure for my son Tyler and I. This trip would start out a few hours before first light as we would make the drive over to the Grandfather Mountain area and night hike to a point high on Rough Ridge to anxiously await the impending sunrise. From there we would make our way to the ‘Darkside Cliffs’ as I had never been there and it was on our way to our final destination of Harper Falls.


Sunrise as seen from Rough Ridge on Grandfather Mountain


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21st Annual Brown Gap Hiker’s Feast – April 27 – 29, 2012

Another annual hiker’s feast has came and gone at Brown Gap and what a grand time it was ! This was the 21st one of its kind that has been done there since it started in 1990. There was at least 50+ thru-hikers that were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time whom most of them ended up staying the entire weekend to enjoy the mass quantities of assorted foods, fruits, snacks, and drinks that were provided for them. This is not your average ‘hiker feed’ that is typically found along the Appalachian Trail but rather an upgraded and highly refined feast that is the largest and longest running trail magic ever found in one spot. Details on its origins can be seen in a previous blog here. It is always held in late April approx. 3 weeks before the Trail Days celebration which is about how long it takes the average hiker to hike from Brown Gap to Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia.

Brown Gap April 2012

Four Ring Hiker Circus ?


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