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Camp Creek Falls – March 7, 2015

Recently I have been compiling a list of waterfalls to visit that although I have seen them before, they are ones that I have not been to more than one or two times and ones that are not known to have a high water flow most of the time as well as ones that are not easy to get to due to private property or rough terrain. The reason for the list is the recent change in water levels as it has been pretty dry in East TN for the past couple of years which has changed due to increased levels of snow and rainfall along with the fact that several of my new hiking friends have not ever seen these falls before. The first falls that came to my mind was Camp Creek Falls. I have only seen them twice in my life. The first time required obtaining permission from the property owner at the end of the road at the Joshua Camp Retreat which he did give but, politely told my friend Dave Aldridge and myself not to come back. Of course Dave did go back the following day to deliver him a jar of homemade apple butter however that did not sweeten the tough exterior of this guy so further permission was not given. The second time was from the top of Camp Creek Bald mountain via the Greene Mountain Trail down the Camp Creek Trail where my friend Bol’Dar and I got a birds eye view of the falls from that ridge high above. That was an awesome angle but, we had to zoom in to see them and could only see the top part. Since that time I have been meaning to go back to the camp and speak with them and find a way around the private property in order to reach the falls. I finally got around to this on March 6, 2015.


Camp Creek Falls


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Sunset on The Roan – 2-27-2015

As a last minute plan was developed at 4 pm on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, to pick up John Forbes at his house to join Michael Taylor, Colby Williams, and myself for a quick spur of the moment trip to Round Bald on Roan Mountain, we hastily drove as fast as we could to get this accomplished. We had heard through the hiker trash grapevine that the legendary Roan Mountain man Larry Jarret himself would be there so, we made haste to get there before the sun set. Luckily we had enough time to spare to get parked and make the trek up to the summit of the bald and get setup before the show began. We were lucky in the fact that the clouds had broken off the mountain and were setting up nicely for what we hoped would be a spectacular sunset.


Sunset from Round Bald (Roan Mountain)


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