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Twisting and Compression Falls – Feb. 7, 2015

Despite many maps and most of the information found on the internet, these are two very separate waterfalls about a quarter mile or so apart on the Elk River. Twisting Falls is located above Compression Falls and is NR (Not Runnable) for kayaks whereas many have taken their boats over other falls on this river such as Elk Falls and Compression Falls which is actually how Compression Falls got their name when one such boater compressed his spine in doing so. The rafters portage around Twisting Falls across a very narrow ledge using ropes to lower the boats down to their base where they continue down river to Compression Falls. Both are popular swimming holes and each have their own degrees of danger. Ever since my last trip to Twisting Falls when I discovered a very obscure ninja goat trail to a cliff just below them where a good view of the entire falls was possible, I have wanted to come back and go down what I named ‘the chasm’ in order to reach the base of the falls to get a picture from water level. Having only seen one picture from that angle ever that I found on the internet, I knew this would be a difficult task and would require a rope but, it has been on my list and caused me several sleepless nights ever since that trip. Finally that dream has came true.


Twisting Falls


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Millstone, Spivey, Big Creek, and Martin Creek Falls – 2-4-2015

It is not often that one can see five waterfalls in one day but, with proper planning and the right locations it is possible to see five or even twenty five for that matter. It was my pleasure to join fellow waterfall lovers Michael Taylor and Ken Woody on this adventure that would lead us to see these beautiful falls all located close to the place we call home. I was picked up at Hairnt Quarters around 9:30 am and before 10 am we were at the first falls of the day, Millstone Falls. These are located on private property not far from my house and are a lovely falls close to the road beside Nolichucky River.


Millstone Falls


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Fall Creek, Kendrick Creek, Hidden Falls, etc. – 1-28-2015

A short, mid week hike with my friend Ken Woody to an area where one would not expect to see many creeks and waterfalls at was had this past week. Ken who lives in the Kingsport area has been visiting these locations for a while now and since we only had a few hours to spare it was decided that he would show some of them to me. The first stop would be an obscure part of Warriors Path State Park on a little known creek that flows into the opposite side of the South Fork of the Holston River. Although unnamed on any maps, the signs say it is called Fall Creek and the trail is the D. Backbone trail (Devils Backbone) It was only a mile or so round trip on the section of the trail we chose (D. Backbone) but, the trail was very nice with multiple cascades and small falls along with a side trip to an abandoned old house that looks to date back well over 100 years. There is also remains of an old blast furnace (or grist mill ?)  which is most likely over 200 years old. It was an intensely bright sunny day so I did not even get my big camera out on this first leg of the journey.


South Fork of Holston River


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