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The Waterfalls of Phantom`s Trace – 11-14-2015

It is that time of year again when the waterfalls spring forth with rejuvenated life and the authentic RAT PACKERS (aka: Camel Servicer’s) begin their annual pilgrimages that take them deep into the back-country and wilds where few, if any, venture. On this first trip of the season we would be following our friend and waterfall ninja leader, Larry Jarret aka: the ‘Roan Mountain Jedi’. Due to his ‘extensive map studies’ and many hard hours of devoted exploration of the areas toughest terrain earlier in the year, he was anxious to show us one of his most prized discoveries. This would lead us deep into the Tennessee mountains on a totally off trail bushwhack through some of the thickest laurel hells I have ever encountered. The route would become so steep at times that without the laurels, would have required ropes to descend. The reward would be the privilege of getting to witness the pristine beauty of a long series of what seemed to be unending waterfalls, many of which were over 100 feet in vertical height. They were well protected by towering vertical rock cliff walls and thick laurels growing on extremely steep terrain which made it very difficult and dangerous to acquire the puckering perches needed in order to get any decent photos of the numerous drops. We did our best yet, most times the falls were so high that there was no way to get all of them in a single frame no matter how wide the lens. Of course the other factor is that without someone actually being in the picture placed close to the falls, there is simply no way to display just how tall they are. Here is a condensed collection of pics that I was able to capture along this amazing waterfalls odyssey.


Group shot beside one of the many old growth forest trees that grow near the falls (left to right: Larry ‘Roan Mtn. Jedi’ Jarret, Me (Randy ‘RAT’ Tarpley), Tommy ‘Bol’Dar’ Warden, and John ‘The Gnome’ Forbes


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Big Lost Cove Cliffs (Whiteout Edition) – 10-24-2015

I was recently on Big Lost Cove Cliffs on 9-16-2015 with some fellow hikertrash friends of mine and it was at that time we decided it would be a good idea to come back when the Fall leaf colors were in full peak. The leaves dictated this timing to be on 10-24-2015 however, Mother Nature dictated something else entirely which would mean not seeing any of the vast and incredible views of the colors from the cliff tops. The forecast was for no rain or clouds and warm tempsĀ  but, despite a gorgeous sunrise that I witnessed in Johnson City, as we approached Newland, NC we ran into heavy fog. Of course we all assumed this would eventually burn off later with the sun and heat of the day so we continued with the plan and were soon on gravel FS Road #464 where we encountered a wagon trail ! This was interesting to see and soon we would be at the trail head where there would be no place to park ! This is an issue here during weekends and it seems there were others that had the same idea we had ! Squeezing in further down the road we began the hike towards the cliffs with big hopes of a clearing and awesome visuals filled with brilliant colors.


Colors showing through the fog


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Work Trip on the Appalachian Trail – 10-22-2015

I have been a trail maintainer with Carolina Mtn. Club for over 25 years now. My section lies between Spivey Gap and Little Bald some 5.1 miles of very steep terrain. Due to a frayed rotator cuff on my right shoulder I have been unable to cut the annual growth as I am not supposed to be swinging a sling blade (some calls it a kaiser !). The weekly work crews led by my friend John Whitehouse have been gracious enough to take up the slack for me to which I am thankful. They got it all this year with the exception of the top if Little Bald (aka Big Hairy) so when I got the email from my fellow maintainer Doug Corkhill who does the section next to mine at Big Bald that he was going up on the mountain, I jumped at the chance to go. I try to go with him anytime I can as this makes it easier for me to do the entire section from top down one way as he goes out of his way to pick me up at Spivey Gap and we drive around to the top of Big Bald via the Wolf Laurel access and using a key to the forest service gate. Otherwise I would have to do it the old way of working trail from Spivey Gap to the top of Little Bald and then still have to go back which is double the miles and very strenuous. I can not thank Doug enough for his efforts. On this trip I would be accompanied by my friend and cohort John Forbes. Upon meeting Doug and departing from Spivey Gap around 9:30am, it was already developing into a beautiful day.


Big Bald as seen from Big Stamp


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Devil`s Courthouse and Silvermine Bald Cliffs – 10-14-2015

Ever since a previous trip to the summit of Sam`s Knob on 10-22-2014 where I got a view of a gnarly looking cliff way off in the distance that I later learned was called ‘The Devil`s Courthouse‘ and was accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway, I have been wanting to go stand upon it. This would come true nearly a year later when my friend John Forbes and I would make the conscious effort to do so. After a 2 hour long drive we arrived at the parking lot and trail head on a bright, sunny, Fall day and although there were a lot of colors on display, they were not yet in full peak. We had planned to stop at Graveyard Fields on the way but, due to the massive hordes of people there, it was not possible. There was not even a parking space ! It was not as crowded at the cliff mainly because it is a 20 minute climb uphill to it. We parked at the trail head and took a couple of pics from there before beginning our ascent to the top.


View of Devil`s Courthouse Cliffs from the parking area


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Harper Falls – Thorp Cr. Falls – 9-30-2015

After a few days of flooding rains over in North Carolina, it seemed like a good idea to check out some waterfalls in that area. I had been wanting to show my hiking friend John Forbes the falls of Steels Creek and Harper Creek Falls for awhile now but, knowing it would not be safe to get below Steels Creek Falls when the rocks are wet so, we opted instead to go to Harper Falls. I decided to check out a new route to Wilson Creek off of Hwy 181 instead of the usual way down FS #464 which turned out to be a really nice back country drive on a decent gravel road however, after several; days of hard rains it was a bit mushy in spots. We came out down below the visitor center and immediately could see that Wilson Creek was no longer a creek but, was a river at the top of its banks. We later learned they would close that road the following day as well as the road to Steels Creek. We made our way to the Harper Falls trail head to park and began our hike towards them.


Upper part of Harper Falls


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Linville Gorge – 9-23-2015

I am ashamed to say that it had been since May 26, 2013 since I last set foot into the Grand Canyon of the East officially called the Linville Gorge or as I now refer to it as ‘The Ditch’. At that time I was formally introduced to some intimate sections of it by the Gorge Rats during an annual camp out they do at the Hawksbill trail head. I was instantly addicted and before the weekend was over I was accepted as a Gorge Rat and properly given the patch. Having been busy with life since then and the pursuit of waterfalls it has taken me until now to get my claws back into the gorge. On this day I would be accompanied by my mountaineering friend John Forbes who although being no stranger to the gorge had never been to the particular section we would be enjoying on this trip. That section is the area called The Chimneys and is one of my favorite places in the gorge. After a nearly 2 hour drive we arrived at the Table Rock parking lot and began our journey South along the Mountains to Sea Trail.


View of the upper part of Linville Gorge looking North over the Camel Olk rocks


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