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Devils Creek – 6-15-2016

Although I would never need a reason to go back to the Devils Creek area as it is always an awesome place to be, on this trip I did have two particular purposes to make the journey. First being to take my son Tyler who had never been there and second, to swim in the upper splash pool of the twin falls. It was a hot, and very sunny day so getting any fancy pics would not be possible but, it was the perfect time for a swim in the ice cold waters of the Devils Creek Gorge. We made short work of the hike in and found ourselves at the base of the twin falls before the sun had even dried the rocks off. This made it extremely hard to climb up to the upper pool as the rocks were like greased glass yet, somehow we all eventually managed to get there and were soon enjoying the cool, therapeutic waters in the deep splash pool. Along on this adventure besides myself was my son Tyler ‘Little RAT’ Tarpley, Tommy ‘Bol’Dar’ Warden, and the one and only John ‘The Gnome’ Forbes who just happened to be the first person ever to document swimming in the upper splash pool only a month or so earlier.


Twin Falls on upper part of Devils Creek


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