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N. Harper Falls, Chestnut Cove Br. Falls, and Little Lost Cove Cliffs – 12-28-2013

I finally got the pleasure of meeting and hiking with my friend Sam`s nephew Houston Kilby on a trip with them, Bol’Dar and myself that we took at the end of December, 2013. It was a cold day and there was some ice but no snow and the water level was decent. Of course any higher than normal water levels anywhere on Harper Creek means adventurous creek crossings and there are plenty of them. Starting around 10 am at the North Harper Creek Trail #266 located on FR#58 we began our descent into the Harper Creek Valley. It is not far to the first creek crossing where the fun begins.


Cascade part of North Harper Falls (note: that is not the top seen in this pic, there is some more to these above what you can see here)


Lower and vertical part of the North Harper Falls


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South Harper Falls – 12-20-2013

I have been taking my long lost friend Sam to several waterfalls and cliffs in the Wilson Creek area of North Carolina lately so, I decided that on this trip we would go to the South Harper Falls.  I had hoped that our friend Bol’Dar would be able to come along as he has not yet seen these over 200′ high waterfalls and cliffs but, he was unable to make it which just means that we will have to go back which is fine with me. These falls are of the cascading type but, they are still nearly vertical and have cut out a very unique canyon and cliff area that makes them very impressive. The falls are in two parts, an upper section and a lower section connected by a short,  sloping section that you can actually stand on but, I must say that this is not a place to have small children or inexperienced hikers. People have died here. If the rocks are the least bit moist I would NOT attempt to walk on them.

south harper falls

South Harper Falls (as seen from the cliff overlook)


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Rocky Fork (Of Jackets, Cliffs, and Bears and Things) – 12-18-2013

On a recent trip to Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs in Rocky Fork on 12-13-2013, my friend Dave accidentally lost my jacket out of his pack on his way down the cliffs. It was almost a week later before I found time to go back and retrieve it. I know that I should probably not be climbing anywhere in that area by myself but it was a spur of the moment decision when I chose to go so, there was really no time to ask anyone to go with me. I did try to get in touch with my son but was unable to reach him. It was already early afternoon on a Wednesday when I headed out and it was sunny and in the 40`s. I figured I had time to get there and complete the short but arduous climb up to the cliffs and back going in reverse of the route we had taken down the week before and still get back in time for work. Of course I had to stop and get a couple pics of the triple falls on my way in.

triple falls

Triple Falls on Rocky Fork Creek


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Sill Branch Falls – 12-15-2013

Being the social network addict that I am, I had recently met a fellow waterfall enthusiast Daniel, on the Waterfalls of Tennessee Facebook page who is from middle TN and was looking to explore new waterfalls in my area of East TN. He expressed his interest in seeing the upper falls on Sill Branch. I knew it would be hard to tell him how to find the unmarked trail that leads there plus he mentioned that he did not use a gps so I agreed to meet with him and show him the way or if possible guide him all the way to the falls. This became reality on a cold and frost day in December 2013.


Upper Sill Branch Falls (Can you spot Mr. Bones ?)


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Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs – 12-13-2013

Somehow after last weeks hike up to Long Branch Falls after first stopping to look at Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs from the high road, I knew that I would soon be making another trip to the cliffs. I was planning on taking my friend Sam Kilby up there but I never dreamed that my friend Dave Aldridge would want to come along. It was a cold morning but the sun was shining brightly as Sam, Dave, Bol’Dar and myself began the hike into Rocky Fork. We stopped to take the obligatory pics of the triple falls and the cliffs that sit along the opposite side of Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs before taking the little known trail that leads to the gap behind Whitehouse Mountain.


Looking off of the left side of Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs to the cliffs on the opposite side and Rocky Fork below


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