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Talus Fields of Unaka Mtn. – 12-12-2015

After being fortunate enough to having been on the first expedition to the talus fields  and to be one of the first humans to stand upon the age old rocks there since at least the early 1900`s if not longer, I have been wanting to return. Although there have been a couple of trips made there since that time, I was not included on them so I jumped at the opportunity to go back again. The first virgin trip to this unique place was done from the top down and the subsequent adventures there were done from the bottom up and back. On this foray we had planned to go from the top down and back and would include the original members of the first trek which was Larry Jarret, John Forbes, and myself however, upon our crack of dawn arrival we encountered our entry point blocked by local bear hunters. Apparently they did not get the memo ! We killed some time getting sunrise pics in hopes they would move to a different location but, that was not to be so we made a slight change in our plan which turned out to be for the better as it would lead to the discovery of another large talus field that until now has not had any humans upon it prior to 1920 at the earliest.


Sunrise looking Southeast from Unaka Mountain


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