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Unnamed Falls of Holston Mtn. = Chapter One – 12-5-2015

On the fourth ride of the season for the Camel Servicer`s Union, we would find ourselves once again following our fearless leader Larry Jarret to yet another remarkable find of many unknown and unnamed waterfalls. This time would be at a new location for us which was somewhere on Holston Mountain. This mountain range is very underrated as it is much larger and steeper than most imagine and it hides many deep hollows filled with hidden cliffs and waterfalls. Larry has done a lot of very hard and time consuming legwork to explore many of them and this is just one of his many incredible finds there. This epic adventure would require a lot of extra driving time in order to place a vehicle at the bottom then drive all the way around to the top as it would not be possible to go bottom up and back or vice versa with the amount of daylight hours we now have. We would still end up coming out in the dark since it gets dark so much earlier this time of year. Once the vehicles were placed we began our descent which instantly placed us into the usual laurel hells. It was not long before the sound of water could be heard and from there the earth seemed to fall out from under us.


Just one of many unnamed falls we encountered along this journey


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