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Margarette, Glen, and Bailey Falls – 5-28-2011

It was a warm morning in late May when my waterfall loving friend Dave Aldridge and I decided we would try and get to Bailey Falls [since his earlier attempt in January had fell just short of them due to the cold, icy conditions that day]. That would not be an issue this time as it was very warm and everything was now green and the water levels were still fairly high. Bailey Falls are located above and upstream from the well known Margarette Falls so, we started out at the trail-head located off Shelton Mission Road and began hiking up the Margarette Falls Trail (#189). On the drive there while passing between the Horse Creek and Camp Creek areas we noticed some of the massive storm damage from the recent tornadoes that came through there in April and we could not help but wonder just what kind of shape the trail would be in and if any trail work had been done already. We had not gone far when we came upon a large downed tree across the trail but fortunately we were able to walk under it.  We did not encounter any more damage the rest of the day and we were pleased to find the area had been spared the brunt of the storm.

Margarette Falls

Margarette Falls 5-28-11 (Photo courtesy of Ashley Bowen)


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