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Cobweb Falls (Virginia) – 7-16-2014

It has been awhile since my last blog as I am sure many of you have noticed. Actually 3 months and 14 days since I last set foot in the woods which was the Spring walk through / work trip on my section of the Appalachian Trail on April 2, 2014. For any of you that give a RAT`s ass, this was due to some physical issues with my back and hip pain and recently a torn/frayed rotator cuff. After three MRI`s, a few x-ray guided spinal injections and a lot of physical therapy, I am now getting back to hiking whether I am ready for it or not. My waterfall addict friend Dave Aldridge has also taken some time off due to a foot injury but we both decided to get together and take a short, easy trip to try an ease back into it hopefully to build up to longer trips eventually as we are able. I should be cutting weeds on my trail section but due to the shoulder injury I can not do that so I looked for a new waterfall to go see instead. Thanks to a new waterfall friend Mark Lackey, I was enlightened on how to get to what he calls Cobweb Falls (he says, “it sounds better than the mundane name: Big Creek Falls”). After seeing these falls for myself, I can see why they are called as such.

cobweb falls

Cobweb Falls


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