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Waterfalls of the Panthertown Valley – 11-25-2014

Since discovering the wonders of the Panthertown Valley in North Carolina, it has became a quest to see all of the many waterfalls there. On this trip I would be going with Dave Aldridge and would be accompanied by my good friends Tommy (Bol’Dar) Warden and Derrick Hamrick. Our plan was to start at the Cold Mountain Gap Trail head and attempt to see at least 6 major waterfalls including Carlton`s Falls, Halfway Falls, Greenland Creek Falls, Mac`s Falls, Pothole Falls and if we had time, Schoolhouse Falls. Not leaving before 8am burns a lot of daylight as it is nearly a 3 hour drive one way to get there and with the short light of the Falls season, I knew we would end up walking out in the dark ! We were on the Mac`s Gap Trail around 11 am which leads down to Greenland Creek and Trail that we would follow upstream to Greenland Creek Falls. The sun was already on the top of them so as usual I would not be getting any quality pics but, luckily we had Derrick with us so I knew he would be getting some keepers.


Greenland Creek Falls


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Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Dick Creek Falls – 11-22-2014

After my last trip to the newly discovered falls of upper upper dick creek on 11-8-2014 where we fell considerably short of reaching the uppermost falls at the head of the valley, I was determined to come back and get to those elusive falls. After consulting with my friend Larry Jarret who was the one who discovered the four new falls that reside above the known Upper Dick Creek Falls earlier this year, it was agreed that due to the distance and extremely rugged terrain, that it would be best to do this trek from top down going one way. Another factor would be the decreased amount of daylight hours since it now gets dark by 5:30pm. Even during Summer where the days are long, I would not advise going there due to the large number of venomous snakes that thrive in this area that is not visited by humans ever. It was a cold day with temps right at freezing all day so there would be no danger of seeing any reptiles on this adventure. We began our quest by dropping a vehicle near where Dick Creek empties into the North Indian Creek near Limestone Cove and proceeding to take a second vehicle to near the top of Unaka Mountain¬† (Photo by Bol’Dar) stopping only to pick up Bol’Dar at the Rocky Branch trail head parking lot.


RAT taking in the view at the Horseback Ridge Trail Head (looking towards Johnson City) Photo by Tommy ‘Bol’Dar Warden


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Whitehouse Mountain Cliffs / John Forbes Trail Day #100 – 11-20-2014

I was recently bestowed the privilege and honor of planning a hike location for my good friend John Forbes to celebrate his #100 day of hiking in 2014. This was a goal he set for himself at the start of the year and it was quite an accomplishment so it was only fitting that the hike for that day be equally as impressive. Knowing that John prefers hikes that are not for the average hiker but, instead would be considered more extreme, sometimes bordering on insane, this hike would have to be of epic proportions. It was for this reason that I chose to lead us to the summit of Whitehouse Mountain, then down the incredibly steep off trail ridge that leads down to the top of the cliffs there that I aptly named ‘Stonehenge’ some 30 years ago. (You must see them from the ‘High Road‘ to understand why I chose that name) Of course the journey would not end there but, rather just be getting started as I would continue to escort everyone in the group across the top of the cliffs and then down to the base and walk across the foot of the mighty monoliths to beyond the other side to experience the full effect this area has to offer. The descent down from there is also a hike within itself. This is the prodigious story of that unforgettable day,,,,,


Whitehouse Mountain and Cliffs


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