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Whetstone Branch Falls – 6-25-2011

This adventure would be an exploratory expedition to locate any falls on Richardson and Whetstone Branch. You may be wondering why Richardson Branch Falls is not in the title of this blog but that is due to the fact that the picture of the falls titled Richardson Branch Falls as seen on the TN Landforms site are not actually on Richardson Branch but instead, are found on Whetstone Branch ! We are working with them to get this corrected. We also discovered some much larger falls above them that hopefully will be listed soon. We drove to Damascus, Virginia and then over to Taylor’s Valley where the starting point is near McQueen Knob on USFS Road #124. This is a road less traveled and it is gated so it is foot travel only and most likely only used by a few locals for hunting purposes. We did speak with a nice elderly gentleman on our way in who was working in his garden, as this road goes right above and behind his house. He told us about a very large, old bear with gray hair that frequents the area regularly. He was trying to tell us to be careful I think, but we were actually hoping we would see the bear !

Whetstone Branch Falls (lower?)

Whetstone Branch Falls (lower?)


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