Fall Colors on Buffalo Mtn – Oct 28, 2019

This was a spur of the moment decision hike that started less than one hour before sunset. Having been off my injured left heel and right ankle for many months now, I needed to do a test run to see if the new stabbing pains in my calf muscles had diminished and see if the heel and ankle had healed any when going up steep climbs and descents. The closest steep hill to me that has a trail on it is the one that climbs up Buffalo Mountain from Dry Creek which is just behind my house. I was there within a few minutes and began the ascent as the sun was going down. It would have been nice to have started earlier to be able to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain but, I knew that no matter how fast I went it was not going to happen.


Being badly out of shape from not being able to do much physical activity due to my heel and ankle, and not wanting to re-injure anything, I kept to a moderate pace actually expecting the sharp pains in my calf muscle to act up again and send me back down in a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not bother me at all so I kept climbing. This trail is one my friend Bol’Dar calls ‘Alice Cooper Plus 3’ since it has 21 switchbacks to get to the top. I was able to make it to #19 which is the first main ridge line but, it is still quite a ways up from there to reach the tip top. I saw the orange ball dropping about 2/3`s the way up so I knew I would miss the main event. I only hoped I could see some of the after show before it became dark. Of course hiking out in the pitch dark by headlamp was a given before I ever left the house !

I was content in that I was able to make it to the top of the first main ridge without any major pain issues and got to see some decent Fall leaf colors along with some nice after sunset sky colors too. I stayed until every drop of it had been absorbed by my eyes and looked off onto the lights of the city before I fired up the headlamp and started back down. I took my time and made it back to the car without any mishaps and again happy to say no pain issues. I think I may be turning the corner on some of these injuries that have been preventing me from doing the thing I love most for about 2 years now which is hiking to extreme locations. I hope I am able to go on a major adventure again soon. I have gained about 40+ lbs due to this inactivity which has to come back off somehow ! Wish me luck. Until the next adventure,,,,,

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